Born and raised in New Zealand, I completed a Bachelor of Arts at Canterbury University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Photojournalism, then grabbed a backpack and headed to South America for a year. I’ve been travelling with a camera in my hand ever since.

I moved to New York from Australia after an old flame from those University days convinced me that marrying him was a brilliant idea. It must have been, because I said: “I do” six weeks after I arrived! Four years and a beautiful two year old son later, we live a full, wonderful life in Brooklyn.

Geoffrey was my larger-than-life big brother who flew helicopters for a living. I always wished I could find a career that made me as happy and passionate about my work as he was about flying planes and helicopters.

Then my son, Kai Geoffrey, came into my life. Inspired by his antics, I rediscovered my passion for Photography. To those who know me, it came as no surprise that we named our son after my brother, and it seemed the most natural thing in the world to name my business after them both—the two people who were largely responsible for leading me to this profession in the first place.

“Say cheese. Okay, try smelly socks!”… The forced grin you see in most pictures of children says very little about the kids themselves. (And these are words you’ll never hear from me.)

I love being a mom, so I completely understand the unpredictability of a child, and that you’re not having fun until you’re knee deep in mess either! And I understand that the moments you want to capture are the ones that only you usually get to see—the special looks and shades of mischief you wish you could hold onto.

With my unique brand of child and family photography, you can share those moments with your friends and family and create real memories to last a lifetime.